Whenever someone says “corporate headshot”, an image of a poised person with arms folded comes to mind. Your corporate headshot doesn’t always need to look that way. There are six different poses that we think look rather good for men in corporate wear. We have compiled them here so the next time you find yourself staring into the round glassy lens of a camera, you’ll know what to do!

Posing Option #1: Interacting with the outfit

This has to be done subtly. You can adjust your shirt cuff buttons, or lightly touch the bottom edge of your coat. Photos like this make you look more relaxed yet confident because these poses are borrowed from real life movements. With these little touches, you can look approachable and professional at the same time.

Posing Option #2: Sitting casually on a bar stool

This one might be more suitable for a casual lifestyle kind of look. It’s important to make sure the stool is at a height that’s high enough for the person. Too low, and these poses won’t work. You could have one hand lightly placed on your leg where it feels naturally comfortable, and slide the other in your pocket. Alternatively, lean a little more forward and rest both your wrists on your upper leg as shown in the photo below. As you lean forward, remember to do it with a straightened back, while relaxing your shoulders. This helps you avoid hunching over or looking too uncomfortable. Nothing says “I’m interested in what you have to say” more than someone’s body language when they lean in! So this pose can be quite a powerful one, depending on what you plan to use these photos for.

Posing Option #3: Lightly folded arms.

Yes, even the typical “arm fold pose” has its nuances. Find a way to position your arms such that its most natural and comfortable for you. Don’t tighten up your arm fold, just place them in that position lightly. Your hands don’t need to grip your arms tightly or have both of them stuffed in the corners of your elbows. Instead, try to achieve a sense of calmness even in your arm fold. Sometimes exposing some of your fingers does the trick, as shown below.

Another idea is to only tuck one arm under the elbow of the other and lightly touch your chin. This is great if  you have a fancy watch to show off too! Remember, its a light touch only. Your face must still be the main attraction in the photo, so don’t let your hand get too much in the way of your chin and steal the limelight from that million-dollar smile!

Posing Option #4: A full body, casual, sitting pose

You can tell by now, we love working with bar stools! The best way to find your unique pose on a chair, is to pretend you are NOT in a photo studio. Instead, sit on the chair like how you would at a party with friends or at a classy bar. Once you find your comfortable position, look right into the camera and – smile! Some people prefer not to show their teeth when they smile, and that’s okay. As long as you look approachable. Although, its worth trying a few different looks. Who knows, you might discover that your pearly whites do add the extra Wow factor to your headshot!


Notice how most of the men in these shots have their bodies facing a 45 degree angle, while their heads are turned to the camera. It’s another trick to make you look more presentable in photos. You’re welcome. 🙂

There are more poses for professional headshots that men can do, of course. The important thing is to be yourself and find what’s comfortable for you. Every person has a different height, body shape, size, and preference. There isn’t a one-for-all-pose out there. You need to find what fits you best, and now you have more options that the usual arm-fold. Remember, these headshots say a lot about who you are, especially in a digital-first corporate networking environment (ie. LinkedIn). Find a way to stand out from the crowd, because you can.