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The Stories Visual Brand Kit

How would people describe you? What values do you live by? What is your story?

These are part of what makes your personal brand. A personal brand is how people perceive you at work and in life.

Having a clear personal brand can set you apart from your competition. It makes you relatable to your market and influences your career and business growth.

Here’s how the Stories Visual Brand Kit will help promote your personal brand.

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Brand video example 1: Meet Ranukka Singham, Image Consultant

A 90-second Video About You

We don’t just tell, we show. Invite people into your world through a video using visuals, music, the human expression and your voice. This video highlights your unique personality and showcases who you are, what you can offer, and why you believe in what you do.

Brand video example 2: Meet Dr. Aly Nah, Hair Transplant Doctor

We’ll feature scenes of your personal workspace anywhere within the Klang Valley. You can also use our studio space in TTDI if you prefer.

Brand video example 3: Meet Dr Anusha Nair, Founder of Noosh Naturals

Make your brand story come alive with warm, heartfelt stories of why you created the brand and what you hope to achieve with it.

5 Headshots for a Hotshot

Position yourself professionally with a series of headshots that include both corporate and lifestyle shots.

Make an outstanding first impression on your LinkedIn and other professional social media platforms with a headshot that represents your personality. Use the other photos as content for your website or as social media content.

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What Our Clients Have Said

"I am counting on some decent and polished digital photos to tell my story or at least hit the right note on first impressions. And for that to happen, I am counting on a good and trusted photographer to capture the right moods and moments. Couldn’t be happier with this photoshoot experience. It was all easy, breezy and no hassle."

Mawarni Adam
Award winning marketer, Marqetr

“I would certainly recommend Stories for their professional service. Right from the booking experience to the photo session, they were always prompt and accommodating. They offered endless support and guidance, allowing you to relax and get the best pictures.”

Tejas Gawande
Co-Founder, Chronicle

Dr Aly NahHair Transplant Doctor

The experience was out of my high expectations. Their energy seem to jive with my vision for the video and they could grasp the concept well. I think this is the most important part of picking someone. If they cannot visualise and "hallucinate" the client's vision and needs too much of explanation or can't come up with concepts on the fly, then the team won't work.

Ranukka SinghamImage Consultant

Their quality and level of commitment in service has always been amazing. The team was so committed in helping me translate what I do into the short video that it came out just as how I envision it 🙂 The quality of the video was just amazing!

Anusha NairNoosh Naturals

The team is professional and passionate about bringing your vision to life. Visual story branding during these uncertain times really is a worthwhile investment and the Stories team create works of art!

Veron SoongLeadership Insight

Grace & team came up with a lovely storyline for our Visual Brand video, and it definitely captured the essence of Leadership Insight & Donald are about. The "Director" in her also helped Don to visualize his audience and made speaking to the camera less daunting, and a more enjoyable experience.

If you are upcoming coach, a trainer, or starting up your new business venture, the Visual Brand Kit is perfect for you.

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