We are a photography and videography studio that was incorporated in 2008 to document visual stories through the art of photography and videography. Our strengths lie in storytelling and evoking emotions through our images or videos. Our areas of expertise include photography, video production, live streaming, visual brand coaching, brand content consultation and working with kids. Our team are people centric, and we are able to relate to everyone, from the very young to the very old. We love working on projects that support family life, healthy communities and building a better future for all.


Founder, Photographer & Coach

My background in Film and Television has equipped me with a wealth of storytelling experience. In the early days, my work spanned production for award-winning TV programs and full-feature films. Now, I lead a passionate team of photographers and videographers at Stories. As a person who believes in living your life by design and not by default, I am always inspiring and challenging individuals towards living their best life as a coach (ICF).

Under Stories Lifestyle, I specialise in family and personal portraits. As a renown photographer for over twelve years, I am at ease working with high-profile personalities and celebrities. I frequently speak and organise workshops & training sessions on videography and photography for Canon Malaysia as their EOS ambassador.

As a wife and mother, I am passionate about providing support for couples and families to thrive in their relationships through a personal mission at Comma: Rethink Life.


Account Manager

Jon leads the video live streaming team for Stories for Business, bringing with him a strong work ethic and many valuable experiences from working with clients and organisations across the globe. He also has a background in wedding and portrait photography since 2017.

Jon loves coffee, camping, and “paying it forward” through his YouTube channel “The Afterwalk” where he brings audiences with him on photo walks and does extensive equipment reviews to help his followers make the right choices for their gear.