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Are you an entrepreneur who needs coaching?

Hi, I'm Grace, your Visual Brand Coach

Craft a unique story that makes your brand memorable

As an entrepreneur, I understand we all want to attract our dream clients. However, selling services alone is not going to make you stand out from the crowd. Your personal brand story, values and strengths are the hooks that will draw potential clients to connect with you. By creating an emotional connection with your potential clients, they will decide that you are the person they want to work with. However, you might feel there is a discrepancy between who you are and what you represent. I am here to help you gain clarity and craft your personal brand story so that you show up authentically in your business.

What I can do for you

Gain clarity and elevate your personal brand.

Together, we will:

  • Personalise your brand story according to your values
  • Discover your strengths
  • Establish your mission statement
  • Understand your limitations and how to move forward
  • Determine your visual brand direction
How does it work

Personal one-on-one sessions on Zoom

If you are ready to elevate your personal brand, connect with me! One-on-one coaching sessions are done online on Zoom over multiple weeks.

I'm Interested!


Mel LeowMentor Coach

Grace brings a positive spirit of exploration coupled with her strong business acumen, and best of all she has a desire to serve and see people grow into their full purpose and potential. I look forward to experiencing how communities will be ignited by her "living out her dream".

Mawarni AdamAward winning marketer

Warm, highly personable and professional, that’s how I would describe Grace. Handling senior executives clientele or VIP clients can’t be easy but she has managed to connect and instil trust in the process, with care and thoughtfulness, putting me and I’m sure many others at ease during the photography/videography sessions.

Chitrah KarthigeyanMindshift Coach

I noticed that Grace brings her eye for detail in photography into her coaching sessions with laser sharp focus on clients concerns, helping them find clarity and take decisive action towards their goals.