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Within 6 weeks, 8 women were mobilised to create an event for International Women’s Day. What started as an innocent question. “Would you like to do something together?” sparked a mini-movement that culminated in a 2-day Fearless Females: Empowering Dreams event at Temu House, inspiring 80 women to embody their best selves, whether in their careers or business.

Thank you to 3R Media and Temu House for being the main organisers and venue sponsors, and to the Australian High Commission, Volvo, Shopper360, and Antler, who came on board to be our main cash sponsors. We would also like to thank the many other companies that gave us products, food, and vouchers so that we could add value to our participants. The women were also given an opportunity to update their profile headshots, with the Stories team of professional photographers!

Here are some of the women who visited our headshot booth that day! (Fun fact: We didn’t have multi-coloured backgrounds: everything was photographed against a white wall, but we edited a mini-montage of faces for fun. We had a colourful theme going—to represent the women who come from all walks of life, bringing their colourful personalities into one space).

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, the women were pampered thoroughly!

Day one’s focus was on business and marketing, with a panel discussion led by Alleena Abdullah, featuring three panelists: Grace Tan from Stories, Anabelle Co-Martinent from La Juiceria, and Emily from Female Founders in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We shared vulnerably about our successes and failures in business, what personal branding meant to us, and how we navigated building a business. One message stood out clearly: we need to be bold to ask what we do not have; courage is choosing to show up despite the fears we have.

On the second day, we ran mini-workshops, starting with Jade Lim, who taught us about colours and how they impact our confidence. Kuti Biazid’s voice workshop was also a hit, as the participants learned about tone of voice and were slightly tongue-tied over the tongue twisters she gave us to practice! Shan Szetho’s workshop gave us practical tips on how to build confidence so that we can present ourselves on camera. 

Confidence is not built overnight. The women learned that it’s ok to be on this journey, even if it takes some of us longer to get to where we want to be. Ultimately, we need to focus on progress over perfection!

Here are some of the testimonials from the event from other women:

Irene Chan: Let me start by saying, Wow! This networking event was the absolute best networking event I’ve ever attended so far. The moment I stepped into the room, I felt the incredible vibes of empowerment and openness radiating from the amazing women gathered there.

Jen Siow: One of the best events I’ve spent time at. And having met so many wonderful, supportive, fearless ladies, my gratitude to the organiser and also to their excellent team members for making this event exceptional!

Fion See: At this event, I got to pair up with Marina Mahathir for a session to share about our fears and a video recording of our 30 second pitch. I learned that successful women like her have fears too, just like me. I’m inspired by these women at Fearless Females: Empowering Dreams!

When women come together, amazing things happen! We are so glad that the event was a success!

View our event video highlight here: