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Stories for Business has been taking corporate headshots for individuals for years, whether in our studio or at their office. However, in the recent few years, we have started offering headshot service at events as well! 

If you’re planning to have a corporate headshot booth at your next event, below are some things for consideration:

What Is The Purpose of Your Event and Who Are The Attendees?

Is the event an internal townhouse for employees? Is it a client networking event? Is it an expo with a wide variety of participants?

Understanding the purpose of your event and its attendees, can help you to determine whether it’s a good idea to have the headshot booth at the event or to plan the headshots as a stand-alone session.

Some benefits of having a booth at the event:

  • Everyone is already in one space
  • Quick solution for headshots if you don’t need variety 
  • If attendees are clients, it can be a nice bonus

Some disadvantages are:

  • No time for variety of poses 
  • Can feel rushed if it’s too many attendees
  • No personalization

Is There A Set Schedule?

If the event has a very set schedule, it may be challenging to fit in time for attendees to take their headshots. However, if it’s a networking event or a free and easy type schedule where people come and go, the headshot booth may work as something that attendees come by during their spare time.

Is a Backdrop Needed?

Depending on the event location, a small setup in a designated spot could work without a backdrop. This would create more lifestyle type of images. If your event is more formal, we can set up a backdrop. A space of 12 x 12 feet is required for set up and the backdrop is white or grey.

How Do You Want to Deliver the Pictures?

Do you require the pictures to be edited or unedited? Do you prefer to email the final copies of the photos to the attendees—especially if they are clients—or would you rather they download the photos right away?

We have various solutions for all the above, depending on your needs. So if you’re considering a headshot booth at your event, contact us and we will be happy to advise you accordingly.