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If you asked my 21 year old self, what dreams I had for my life, it would be very different to where I am today. At that age, I had just graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Television. I left Australia and came back to Malaysia to work in my sister’s production company. Dreams were hazy to me at that stage, but after a few years, it became clearer.

It all started with curiosity. I was intrigued with the art of photography, more so than video production. One thing led to another, and soon, I was photographing weddings, families, and commercial clients. As I interacted with many people, got more connected to the things I cared about, those dreams were fine tuned. Fast forward 20 years, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could ever become a creative entrepreneur, photographer and life coach. My career and dreams are very much tied to my life purpose and I feel fulfilled.

Have you ever heard of this concept called Ikigai?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means “the reason for being”. It refers to the purpose of life, bringing together areas that you love, are good at, contributing to what the world needs and also be paid for it! I love this idea. It clarifies why some people are unhappy at different areas of their life. We might be doing something we are good at and paid for it… but feel a sense of emptiness because we are missing the mission and passion portion of it. If we just do work for the money, at the end of the day, we’ll end up burnt out.

Now, at this very moment, I can say that I am very much at peace and am at the centre of my Ikigai. I have combined my passion for creative storytelling through words and visuals and also my heart for families and marriages. Everything I do for Stories (Business / Lifestyle) and Comma: Rethink Life has everything to do with my Ikigai. That is why I love working on commercial and non-commercial projects that support family life, healthy communities and building a better future for all.

How do you discover your Ikigai? You can start by asking yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What are you paid for? 
  2. What are you great at? 
  3. What do you love doing? 
  4. What does the world need? 

It is my dream that hearts are connected within families and individuals are living their best lives. Now, I am so pleased to be working alongside amazing individuals who share similar passions.

Some projects that are close to our hearts:
– Working on educational videos for autistic children with Early Autism Project Malaysia
– Photographing families enjoying time together at Superpark Malaysia
– Creating video content to promote Bare Nuhcessities’ baby products that are truly green and safe
– Producing family centric videos for Focus on the Family Malaysia
– Working on many videos through the years that have social messages such as advocating rights for children with disabilities, health issues facing Malaysians, refugee issues, women’s rights, environmental and wildlife issues etc.

If you have the same dream as we do, please come alongside us. We’d love to work with you.