Organising a company-wide photoshoot is no easy task. The bigger your company or team is, the more challenging it is to coordinate everyone’s available time on the same day and in the same location. So what happens if you can’t find that sweet spot?

No need to panic. There’s always a solution!

Here’s how we helped one of our clients in such a situation. This team had over 20 people and not everyone could be available for the group photoshoot on the same day. So instead of postponing the shoot, we took these five images separately over the two days that different batches of people could work with. Then, our Photoshop elves did their magic and combined all five images into one flawless panoramic image. Perfect for framing up at the staff common area or as a header for the About Us page on the company website!

Have a look for yourself:


Big thanks to the Ikano Shopping Centre Leasing Department for trusting us with this job!