Since our beginning in 2008 (as “Integricity Visuals” at the time), we’ve done many corporate photography sessions and produced videos for businesses in all kinds of industries. But an area that has always stayed close to our hearts, are businesses who have a purpose and vision to contribute to a better society.

A walk-through video for Babyland SS2

Whether its family-related products and services, education, childcare services, social welfare, health, or the environment, there are so many companies that are doing great things  and we want to be a part of their journey. We quickly recognised that our role Рeven though behind the scenes Рis significant in helping these companies and professionals build their brand so they can continue to make a difference in their area of influence.

A documentary video for Fugee School

Because we naturally gravitate towards opportunities like this, our team grew their strengths in practical areas to get the job done well and create smooth experiences for the clients we work with. To name a few, our strengths now lie in being able to provide brand content consultation, brand storytelling, work quickly and easily with children on set, relate to people from all walks of life, and quickly develop an understanding of a new industry every time our clientele expands.

An awareness video for EAP Malaysia

Taking compelling photos and videos will always come as second nature to us. And even then, with new technology – there is always something new to learn and we believe in keeping an open heart and mind to constantly improving ourselves. However, these intrinsic strengths and values that we mentioned above will always be our focus because we know they are also important to the people and brands whom we work with.

An event highlight video for BETT Asia 2019

All this to say, we believe in doing good work that supports family life, healthy communities, and building a better future for all. If this is something you and your company believe in too, we would love to work with you!

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