With social distancing and stay home practices in place, live video streaming has become extremely popular as companies and event planners find creative ways to keep engaging with their audience. What was once a nice-to-have at an event is now a necessity. But as countries slowly open up again and people go back to attending events, workshops, and conferences in person, you might wonder if live streamed videos still have a significant part to play. The answer is, yes. Yes they do, and here’s why.

1. Wider Audience Reach

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Post-pandemic restrictions still put limits on the number of people who can physically attend an event. Even as restrictions are slowly raised, allowing numbers to safely increase, there will still be people who won’t have access to attend your event. This could be due to a variety of logistical, social, and geographical reasons. Providing a live streaming experience for those who can’t physically be present, will give you an audience reach like never before. No more stress in trying to achieve the number of attendees as a KPI when you recognise virtual attendees as well. Just remember to pick a day and time that is most convenient for your target audience.

2. Creative Use of Content

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Live streaming on video doesn’t just mean showing exactly what is taking place in the physical space. You have the opportunity to add in graphics, diagrams, videos, images, and text on screen that will create a richer experience for your virtual audience in a way that a physical event can’t. It just requires prior planning and a good live streaming servicing team to make it happen!

3. Encourages Conversation

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This depends on the type of platform you use or the kind of live streaming experience you want your audience to have. The benefit of most live streaming videos is interactivity. Your audience can ask questions in the chat box provided while the session is going. This makes your video more than just a video. It becomes an engaging and meaningful session for your viewers. This gives you the chance to get to know your audience better, and hopefully convert them into loyal followers. You can choose to respond to questions as they come in, or you can inform your audience that they can leave their questions there and it will be addressed during Q&A towards the end of the session.

3. More Marketing and Sales Opportunities

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There are so many creative ways of leveraging on your live streaming video to market your business or services further. Live streaming retail has gained huge traction over the pandemic lockdown. This is especially useful for products that are tangible. While you’re doing a live demo over the live stream, you could offer a one-time only discount for your product or service to people who make an easy purchase right away, or within those 24-hours. Offers like these are always more compelling when people first get the chance to see and hear you or your spokesperson talk about the benefits of your product or service – rather than just seeing an impersonal poster on their social media feed or inbox. You could also offer a freebie in the form of an e-book that has more valuable information for your audience (related to the topic of your live streamed video of course) and gather their email addresses before sending it to them. Then add them to your email list and keep the conversation going. Get creative! Live streamed videos give you more marketing and sales opportunities.


There are many other benefits that come with video live streaming, but the key thing is to be able to execute it well. The video will literally be your audiences’ only point of contact with you during the session and so it’s very important that you create a smooth experience for them. It also sets a precedence in the level of quality that people can expect from you. In a time where every brand out there is competing for audiences’ attention via online experiences, doing this well is your chance to make your brand stand out among others. To avoid any form of connectivity disruptions or audio visual delays, it’s best to hire a professional live stream video servicing team for the job.

At Stories for Business we have the right technology and expertise to set everything up for you and ensure your live streamed video runs smoothly from start to end. Contact us so we can understand your goals and provide the live streaming support that you need. 

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