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In December 2021, we had the opportunity to do a photo shoot at Resorts World Genting, covering 4 major areas – Skytropolis, Big Top, Vision City and some areas within Skyworlds Theme Park. It was a pretty epic shoot for us, with 2 teams shooting simultaneously, just so that we can cover all the locations within 3 days. So what was it like shooting in a theme park? We certainly had a lot of fun! Planning a shoot in a theme park comes with its own set of challenges. Here’s what we learnt from this experience.
  1. Shoot outside the operating hours of the theme park
    We scheduled our shoot to start early in the morning, when the theme park was still closed, to avoid having to deal with a large crowd. This gave us more creative freedom to choose angles without the need to feel hindered by people around us.
  2. Bring portable lighting
    We wanted to be efficient during the shoot, so we brought portable lighting that ran on batteries. We didn’t want any cables running around on the floor, because safety is really important to us.

3. Create a schedule and shot list
Creating a minute-to-minute schedule helped us plan our route through the theme parks. We designed the path in such a way that it makes the most sense, based on availability of certain locations. We faced some challenges with outdoor locations when the weather turned against us. When that happened, we had to adapt and reshuffle the locations so we could still continue shooting. 

4. Consider everyone’s energy levels
We could easily fulfil our daily fitness target in a large theme park, which was ideal for our daily fitness objective, but we tried not to exhaust ourselves. Our shoot lasted a full day, from 7am till 5pm, so we had to consider the talents, as the shoot included children! We had to work with the children’s natural rhythms and make sure they saved their energy for the photoshoot, as the youngsters ran from one ride to the next to check them all out.⁠ Having frequent breaks and snacks on set helped keep the energy levels up. The key to getting great shots is to keep making the shoot a fun experience for all! 

Here are some photos that we took during our shoot. We’ll share more as the images get released officially on the Resorts World Genting social media pages.