It’s a million dollar question. How do you look natural in front of the camera?

The majority of people are self-conscious when a camera is pointed at them. We are not made to react naturally to a piece of black equipment. That is why our photographers work extra hard to make you as comfortable as possible in front of our cameras. However, we have compiled a few tips that we hope will help you.

1. Think about the features you love about yourself.

Most people are extremely self-critical and can only see the worst in themselves, but if you choose to focus on the negative, you will never like a single image of yourself! Do you love your eyes when they sparkle? Or how about that smile? It could be those long legs of yours. Find something to be happy about and tell our photographers what they are!

2. Dress up in ways that make you feel confident.

This would a great excuse to go shopping! Perhaps you could hire an image consultant to help you spruce up your look, or invite a trusted friend to suggest a makeover! When you wear outfits that are fitting and look good on you, you will feel confident. Another tip would be to hire a makeup artist for the shoot, because she will help you look your best during the session!

3. Think of things that make you happy.

Before you head over to a photo session, start picturing in your head all the things that make you happy. Is it your puppy? Your husband offering to cook your favourite meal so that you get a day off? Perhaps it’s that funny friend of yours who never fails to make you laugh. Why not bring her along? Get yourself into the mood.

4. Don’t freeze, just move naturally.

When our photographers suggest a pose for you, it doesn’t mean you have to stop blinking! Feel free to move into position, smile, and even continue chatting with our photographer, as they will capture you in those in-between moments. When your mouth muscles start to spasm because you’re smiling too much, just relax, and remember to breathe!

5. Don’t worry about the details.

Try not to fuss about every wrinkle on your outfit, or if your strand of hair is in place. Trust that the photographer will look out for this to the best of his or her capability. However, a little imperfection can sometimes look more authentic than ‘plastic’ perfection.

6. Play some music.

Music lightens the soul! We always have some music playing in the background, but if you like, whip out your favourite playlist and we will be happy to turn up the volume!