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Every year, we aim to be a little better than where we were last year. As a company, we look into each other’s career and personal goals, and we dream and celebrate together. We celebrate when someone finally buys their first home, creates an amazing piece of creative work, or signs on a new client. As a team of 8, we are still a small business, but I like to think that we are destined for great things.

This year, we tracked our goals a lot better, built a proper business development and marketing team, adopted better processes, which include more frequent reviews of what we have done well and what needs to be improved, and were more focused on our branding and business initiatives.

We clarified the types of clients we really wanted to work with: supporting entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and businesses that have a focus on social impact, family, and community development. This year, we have created photos and videos for Kiddocare, Taylor’s Impact Labs, Australian International School Malaysia, Women’s Aid Organisation, Standard Chartered, Sanofi, Monash University, Malaysia Association of Professional Childhood Educators (MAPECE), Early Autism Project Malaysia, Disney Malaysia, Tommy Hilfiger, Wahine, KALSIS, Avanade, Shell, and a lot more. We’ve live streamed AGMs for public-listed companies, created corporate profile photos and brand videos, covered events, and more.

We ran events like our Headshot Networking Parties (which were rather popular!), a scriptwriting workshop, a phone videography workshop, and branding for NGOs and social enterprises in collaboration with Yellow Tree. We participated in large events like the Intrigue Summit, an event that unites an assortment of accomplished marketing and advertising professionals in one interactive environment.

For our personal lifestyle photography and videography brand, we photographed hundreds of couples, families, and children. We ran events to build connections between family members, such as our Father’s Day event. One of the highlights was creating our own personalised children’s photo storybook, called the Flight of Imagination, where we combined family photos, beautiful illustrations of Malaysia, and an original story into one experience. This project was done in collaboration with makchic, a Malaysian-based online parenting portal.

As a coach, I started to focus more on developing female entrepreneurs, especially in the areas of connecting their business to their life purpose, building better relationships, and personal branding. It was absolutely fulfilling to see these women discover clarity about their lives and how they can be more purposeful in every aspect of them.

It has been a fulfilling year. I am so proud of my team and how far we have come. It is my hope that next year we will continue to attract and work on projects that are meaningful to everyone. Here are some of the amazing testimonials from our clients!

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Stories for event and portrait photography, and I’m delighted to say it was a great experience. Their professionalism and smooth execution throughout the event were truly commendable. Stories captured every significant moment flawlessly, showcasing their attention to detail and dedication. Their ability to work discreetly while ensuring excellent coverage was impressive.” Adam Goh, Hong Leong Bank

“I recently had a headshot session with Stories. I had a great experience, and the photos turn out well. I now have a good set of photos to use for various types of corporate purposes. The photographer, Lee Leong Wai, was good at putting me at ease, provided good directions, and was very patient in setting up various suitable backdrops and lighting to get good-quality photos. The makeup artist, Charlyn, is also very friendly, and I love that she is also very good at making people feel comfortable. Her makeup turns out well in all the photos. The initial engagement was well done and flexible, and thanks to Bin Bin for putting up with my changes of schedules. Highly recommended and very good value for money if you expect nothing less than professional quality photos.” Halim Halimantun

“Brilliant team, excellent photographer, awesome experience. The experience we had with Stories (Grace and her team) was really wonderful. From the start until the very end, everything was so smooth and professional. It was our first time working with Stories and Grace as our photographer, and although it’s the first time for many of us, we felt so ‘at home’ and comfortable. We end up doing another session for a corporate headshot shoot, and we truly love  them.” Arni Kamilia

“We asked Stories for Business to produce a video that had so many constraints, where:

a) It had a tight deadline as we came up with the idea weeks before a crucial workshop meeting, and that meant working into the weekends together;

b) We couldn’t be present during the shoot due to other corporate commitments;

c) There wasn’t an agency or script provided, but we were very clear on what each section of the video had to say.

With such constraints, we trusted and empowered Grace and Shan to do what made the most sense, and they delivered impressively. Our corporate partners are equally  impressed and we’ve been told that the video produced has been garnering rave reviews internally.” Jonathan Teoh, An Living

I hope that we will have more amazing stories to tell in 2024! Would you like to be part of our story too? We would love to invite you to have a conversation with us on how we can elevate your brand and help you create the impact you desire in your business. Drop us a message, and we’ll see you soon.