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We’ve talked about what a personal brand is and why it matters, how to craft your brand story, how to build your presence online, and we also provided social media content ideas for your personal brand. Yes, paying attention to your personal brand does take some effort but as we’ve also learned, the returns are worth it!

No matter what stage you’re at in the process of developing your personal brand, it helps to keep these habits in mind.

Be authentic and personal

Whether it’s getting your portrait taken, writing a short article, or creating a video… remember to stay true to who you are. Trends come and go, but there is only one you. Also, when we say “personal” what we mean is, whenever you create content or update your social media… remember that you are speaking to real people with real needs. They are people first, customers second. Being personal also means allowing some room for vulnerability. We don’t have to put up a perfect front. Allow your audience to see the real you. Let them learn from your challenges and watch as you overcome them. This can make you relatable and valuable all at the same time.

Be consistent

It’s really important to be consistent in your online activity. That’s how you’ll be able to remain at the top of your audience’s minds always. This refers to your frequency of social media usage, publishing articles and even in your written or spoken tone of voice. There is so much content out there these days, that if you’re not consistently adding to it, it’s easy to be drowned in the noise. Most importantly, be consistent in what you stand for and believe in. This will reflect in what you say, how you choose to respond, and how others will soon come to understand you. This builds your credibility and reliability.

Always bring value

As a business owner, it’s natural to get excited about sales opportunities. After all, it’s about the bottomline too. However, try to always put your audience first when you create. Instead of thinking about ways to “sell” what you have to them, put yourself in their shoes. Try to understand what their needs are and how you can meet those needs in small ways. It could be offering your time to answer questions or chat about a particular topic. It could provide tips on how they can improve themselves in a certain area (very much like what we’re doing now for you. :). Get creative! As you think of what would benefit your audience, you’ll be able to bring true value to them. Give people a genuine reason to keep listening to what you have to say and following your journey.

Find ways to make a positive impact

A quick flip through the news can be a reminder of how much injustice and tragedy happens daily. While building your personal brand is often meant to benefit your business, there’s always a way to make a positive impact in the process. Bringing hope and encouragement to those around you or those in need while doing good work, is not only inspirational but much needed in this day and age. It’s also a chance to influence positive changes in your industry.

Be ready to try, try again

Finally, never give up. There are many takes on personal branding out there. What’s important is that you keep trying till you find your own rhythm and style. If you feel discouraged or receive disappointing comments from others, take it in stride and consider it as potential feedback and then move on. Remember why you started on this journey in the first place and keep that as your motivation.

We hope these tips have been helpful. If you’re hearing about a Personal Brand for the first time, read more about personal branding here and let us help you start building your own personal brand with our Visual Brand Kit.