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“I overuse this one photo for everything as I do not have any other nice photos.“

This is quite a common line I hear from clients who are building their social media presence online. The same image is used for different content and purposes, even if it is not entirely appropriate. They need to be consistent in posting on social media to increase their online visibility, but the lack of photos is preventing them from doing so. Many people wonder if they can get a variety of shots in a single photo shoot. The good news is that if we plan ahead of time and have a few looks and images in mind, we can do it all in a single session. Let’s have a look here to get some ideas for your content. In this first example, Joshep from Gagasan Solar needed some images to showcase his solar plant services. He also needed a variety of headshots from the shoot. So here’s what we created for him, after our initial discussion.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself as you plan for your photo session.
Where will I use these images?
Would horizontal or vertical images make a difference to me?
What do I want these images to say about me?
What emotion do I want to evoke in various images?
How can I identify a specific message that this image will convey?
Would a different choice of location help in communicating this message?

Once you have the answers to these questions, do share them with us, verbally or in written form!
Both Dr Shankar and Rohani (pictured above) visualised a set of images that would be useful for different occasions. Now, they have a bank of photos that they can use for different purposes! Contact us if you are interested in doing a personal brand photo session.