If you are an artist, a life coach or personal trainer, the kind of headshots you need might vary from an engineer, lawyer or doctor. While we focus on modern headshots, we also take fresh, lifestyle portraits that can communicate your brand message. In order to stand out, businesses need a variety of images to communicate their story… from who you are as the founder, to the lifestyle you maintain and the kind of clients you service.

We can create a series of images to communicate this brand vision of yours. It all starts from asking questions about your work and who you are. For example, here are some questions that we include in our questionnaire prior to the photo session:

  1. Tell us what you do and please list 3-5 words that describe your brand.
  2. Do you have a brand colour?
  3. What are you like as a person? What are your hobbies?
  4. What would you like these images to say about you as a person?

To give you an idea of what lifestyle headshots look like, here are some images that we have done for various clients.

Pandelela Rinong, Malaysia’s National Diver





Audrey Lim, artist

Tsze Yenn, Violinist

Kerina Lim, Health Coach

Create beautiful images that are representative of your brand. Personalisation is key in standing out in a very cluttered online space. Photos are just the start to branding yourself, the next step would be telling your brand story through videos.