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A smooth live streamed event doesn’t happen by chance. It takes careful planning to ensure that everything is ready for the camera before going live. We’ve talked about how to prepare for a live streamed video, but there are still a few things to do even after it ends. You’ll want to make the most of this engagement opportunity and give your audience a reason to look forward to the next one or stay in touch with you. Here are five ways you can do this.

1. Send a Thank You email.

Time is precious and there are hundreds of other live streamed events vying for your audiences’ time. Sending a thank you email immediately after, shows your audience that you genuinely appreciate their time and the fact that they chose your event out of so many, to attend. Your tone of voice in writing should be down to earth and human so that it stands out among all the other follow up emails they could be receiving from other brands. You can also use this opportunity to remind them to follow you on social media.

2. Be a brand of your word.

There may not be enough time during the live streamed event to answer all questions from the audience. Let them know that you have taken note of their questions and will be following up with them individually through email or a call. Make sure you allocate time to do this. Or if you promised a freebie or announced a winner of a giveaway during the event, now is the time to get all that done. Try to act upon these To Do items within 24 hours of your event before people move on with their busy lives (and before you do too).

3. Direct viewers to your sales funnel and keep in touch.

By attending your live streamed event, your audience has had the chance to meet you in person (although virtually) and has dedicated a good amount of attention to what your company is about. This means that a level of trust is built between brand and audience. Don’t waste the opportunity for further engagement which could eventually lead to a sale.

If your event did not require a registration process to collect emails beforehand, you can still do this by leading them to a sales funnel during the event. Provide a link to download a freebie (a value-adding eBook or gift voucher) before the live streaming ends. This link can lead them to a form to provide their email address so you can send them this freebie. If they’re interested and they provide their email for this freebie, you now also have a way to keep in touch with them.

4. Promote your next live streamed event.

The best time to promote your next live stream event is at your current one, or right after. You already have buy-in from the people who attended this event so there’s a higher chance that they will be interested in your next event and will also be advocates for your event. Remember ew live in a hyperconnected world where people are overloaded with information and many options these days. Always make the most of your audiences’ attention while you still have it, and use that time to share more value with them.

5. Make the live streamed video recording available.

The beauty of a live streamed event is that it is already being consumed in video format. So it’s easier to record the whole session from the moment it starts. After the event, quickly edit the video if needed then upload it to YouTube or any preferred sharing platform and send the link to your participants. This will be useful when they want to share this video with others or use it as a reference whenever needed.

We offer end-to-end support for all kinds of live streamed events: online training, workshops, meetings, conferences, product launches, press conferences, and even internal company events like Annual General Meetings.

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