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Events require a lot of planning. Event photography and videography coverage may not be at the top of your to-do list when you’re busy choosing locations, dates, and speakers. However, here are three reasons why you should consider hiring a professional photographer or videographer to cover your next event, as well as three ways we might be different from others. 

1. Quality photos and an unobtrusive experience for your guest

The main reason to hire a professional is simply because of the quality of the work. Professional photographers and videographers will have the skills and equipment needed to not only capture great shots, but they will also have the experience to anticipate occurrences and are often able to capture candid shots that an average person may miss. 

Event professionals are experts at capturing stunning images and videos from the sidelines, and experience helps them position themselves so they obtain the ideal angle with minimal disruption to your event. 

2. Allows you to focus on your event

By hiring a professional event photographer and videographer, you don’t need to worry about you or your team covering the event. This frees you up to oversee the smooth running of your event, interact with your guests, and, most importantly, have fun. This will also contribute to giving your guests a more fulfilling and authentic experience.

3. Materials to promote your company / future events

You’ve invested money, time, and energy into planning a successful event. With the help of a professional team, you can now show the world how amazing it was. Your event photos and videos can not only be used to showcase the event that was completed, but they can also be used as marketing tools for your business and advertising materials to promote your next event. With the right content created, your event can provide you with materials for your website, social media, and even press releases. 

What Makes Stories for Business different:

1. We take time to understand your event before the actual day

In order to capture great photos for you, it takes more than just showing up. Instead, we will take the time to learn more about your company and event. By doing this and having a better understanding of the event’s schedule, we will be more prepared to capture events as they happen and will need little direction on the day, freeing up your time to enjoy yourself.

2. We know how to tell a story

Storytelling has always been important to us. Regardless of the event, strong content can tell the story of your event rather than just being snapshots of a moment and can create better engagement. As creatives in the industry, we always shoot with the purpose that the images should be able to craft a meaningful story, and this hopefully will help you speak better to your intended audiences.

3. Sound is as important to us as visuals are

A lot of times, people disregard that audio and visual media have a symbiotic relationship. In order to properly tell the story of your event, we not only ensure that we capture the video properly, but we also make sure to capture audio from the event. The soundbites are then used in the video edit to give context to the video of what is happening. This can really elevate your video and create a greater connection with your audience. Have a look at the sample videos in this post to get a better idea of our approach to event video coverage.   

In conclusion, while it may look straightforward, there are a lot of minor details in event coverage that can make a difference in the end results received. If you’re looking for quality content that can be used to not only create memories of your event but also to strategically grow and improve your business, consider investing in a professional team for your next event coverage.