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We often get asked by clients how to dress for their headshot session. To answer this, we need to ask – what does business attire mean for your company and job? Certain professions might mandate that workers wear suits every day, while others might allow a dress code that is a little more relaxed. To help you choose what to wear to your next headshot session, check out the examples below.

1. Business Professional

Business professional is a formal dress code commonly found in more traditional industries such as finance, banking, law and government agencies. The standard dress code in this environment is a typically a full matching business suit, which includes a jacket and dress pants or a dress skirt. Keep to solid and classic colours such as black, gray and navy for your suit and light neutrals such as white, blue or pastels for your shirt. 


For men, match your belt colour to your shoes and avoid white socks.

For women, keep accessories minimal and refined. 

2. Business Casual

Business casual is the dressed-down alternative to full business attire. While dress shirts are still preferred, ties (for men) are optional and jackets can be more relaxed. The most conventional dress casual outfit for a man is a navy blue blazer with light to medium gray slacks or khakis. Instead of a traditional suit jacket, for the layering option, you can also consider a sweater, cardigan or vest.


For men, dress down your outfit with comfortable loafers but stay clear of sneakers! 

For women, dresses offer an excellent option for business casual outfits.

3. Smart Casual

Smart casual is a dress code that “dresses up” your everyday wardrobe. It combines some formal items, like blouses and jackets, with more casual items, like T-shirts and jeans.

The goal is an appearance that’s clean and professional but doesn’t look too formal. Here, a proper fit can make all the difference. For example, a good quality polo t-shirt and will-fitted jeans or chinos is a great option for smart casual. 


For men, throw on a sports jacket over a plain t-shirt for a casual yet elevated look.

For women, play around with patterns and bold colours. However, don’t overdo it. Aim to keep to only 3 colours in your overall look. 

4. Industry Specific

If your profession has a uniform or an industry-specific attire, wearing this for your headshots will immediately tell your story and add to your brand. So feel free to don your chef’s hat, doctor’s coat or company tee to the photoshoot. 

We hope these tips will help you plan what to wear for your next headshot session. Do contact us if you’d like to schedule a photo session at our studio or your workplace.