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One good tip before heading to your headshot session is practicing how to pose in front of a mirror first! This will be very helpful for the photographer and yourself to achieve the best possible images. There are so many poses one can do but sometimes we have to be mindful of the way we pose as a small error makes a huge difference! Here are a few do’s to learn and dont’s to avoid.


Do: Relax your shoulders! Many of our clients that come in are either stressed or worried about how to pose and what they look like so they tend to tense up their shoulders which doesn’t usually translate well to the camera. You don’t want your photos to turn out looking stiff!


Dont: Knowing how to angle your body makes the photos look much more flattering. Don’t angle your body directly straight with the camera as this will make your figure appear wider. Instead, angle your chest 45 degrees from the camera, straighten your back and lean slightly forward. This pose might feel unnatural but on camera it looks great!


Do: Slightly tilt down your chin but not too much! Tilting down your chin too much will accentuate your double chin. Another tip you can do is place your tongue at the roof of your mouth and suck in, this helps in tightening your double chin.

Don’t: Lifting your chin too high will cause you to look down on the camera, as well as highlighting your nostrils! So the safest way is to make sure your face is in a neutral position first and then drop it down just a little bit.


Do: Does your smile reach your eyes? Are you good at laughing when on cue? If not, it’s time to practice! Your smile is one of your best features. When you smile genuinely, you will look more approachable and charismatic. A great smile will also make your eyes light up, so don’t be afraid to smile!


Dont: Don’t ball your hands into fists or grip them tightly as this will make you look like you’re ready to fight! Instead, relax those hands just as you need to relax your shoulders. Keep them loose. Let them relax on your knees or tuck them in your pockets. Even if your arms are crossed, focus on keeping your hands and arms relaxed.


Do: Keeping your legs directly straight at the camera is also an awkward pose. Try extending one leg forward to appear longer. Then put the weight on the back leg to appear smaller. When you’re sitting on a stool, use the same tip! One leg resting on the step and the other extended forward to appear relaxed. Crossing your legs is also always a good look!

Now that you know some of these simple do’s and dont’s for posing, hopefully they will help you to prepare yourself in your future headshots.