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If you’re an entrepreneur with a small team, it’s likely you have your hands full trying to manage and operate the business, market it, and ensure your team is operating at its best capacity. It can get pretty overwhelming! As the founder of my own business, I understand how it feels because I’ve been through it myself. I learned pretty quickly that oftentimes, the best solution is to work with partners who are great at what they do. It takes away some of your stress, and you can focus on the things that you do best.

At Stories, we understand content creation well. If you are struggling to build a consistent brand presence online, let alone figure out all the creative content and caption writing, let us help you. When you choose to work with us as your visual content creation partner, you’ll be able to:

Save time

Your time is precious, and we’ll take away one of the balls that you are juggling so that you can focus better on running your business. We have a team with diverse skills, so we’ll be able to do the work for you, saving you time and ensuring top-notch visual content.

Have a range of visuals on hand

Our skilled team is able to create stunning photos, from day-in-the-life kinds of images to customised stock-like images that are yours to keep and use. We’ll also edit any videos or photos that you might have taken in your day-to-day operations and make them into usable pieces of content for posting. Not only that, we’ll shoot customised videos, create graphics, and write captions for you!

Ensure a consistent brand presence

We’ll listen to what you want to achieve, understand your brand values, and get to know your target audience. We’ll then work to ensure a consistent brand identity across different platforms. From colour palettes to fonts and visual styles, we’ve got you covered.

Have an ideation partner on board

As your visual content creation partner, we understand the psychology of design and storytelling, and that helps us create visuals that resonate with your audience on a deep level. We can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table, ensuring that your visual content remains relevant, engaging, and in tune with what your audience craves.

It’s basically visual content done for you.  

We have recently launched our Brand Stories packages. Our package prices are reasonable. You’ll get access to our senior team at a cost that beats having to hire a junior full-time content creator. Contact us to set up an appointment so that we can discuss your needs.