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Focus On The Family Malaysia just launched their ’15 Minutes To Love Challenge”. It’s a campaign to encourage families to spend more time with each other – even if its just for 15 minutes a day, because it’s possible! Way back in August, they hired us to create the video that would launch this campaign. We’re so excited to finally be able to show you!

The video uses a parallel storytelling concept, showing various pockets of time that happen throughout an average day. We can choose to use it to spend quality time with our loved ones. If not, the moment passes us by.

Take the 15 Minutes To Love Challenge here!

Now for the BTS scoop!

One challenge we knew we would have is that the four people we worked with were not related, but because they had to act as family and it had to look believable, we first had to break the ice!

We had the kids play together prior to their scenes and our director Shan was great at orchestrating everything. While we were shooting certain scenes with the kids, one of our talents, Jacob, helped to tell jokes to make them laugh on cue. If the camera was pointed at his direction, you would see him doing plenty of silly things like stuffing fries into someone’s mouth and making funny faces off camera just to create that fun atmosphere. Really glad that we had great professional talents who made the scene work. Casting the right people is so key to making chemistry work on set!

We love working on projects that have a meaningful purpose and message like this. Being able to create content like this – whether in video or photo format – to support families, and build a healthier community, means a lot to us!

Have a look at the Behind-The-Scenes photos below!